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It's Your Health (1949) - short subject Southern California Dental Association Billed as Mitzi Gerber My Blue Heaven (1950) 20th Century Fox as "Gloria Adams" with Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, David Wayne, Jane Wyatt Take Care of My Little Girl (1951) 20th Century Fox as "Adelaide Swanson" with Jeanne Crain, Dale Robertson, Jean Peters Golden Girl (1951) 20th Century Fox as "Lotta Crabtree" with Dale Robertson, Dennis Day, James Barton, Una Merkel We’re Not Married (1952) 20th Century Fox as "Patricia ‘Patsy’ Reynolds Fisher" with Eddie Bracken, Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa Gabor Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952) 20th Century Fox as "Emily Ann Stackerlee" with Scott Brady, Mitzi Green, Marguerite Chapman The I Don’t Care Girl (1953) 20th Century Fox as "Eva Tanguay" with David Wayne, Oscar Levant Down Among the Sheltering Palms (1953) 20th Century Fox as "Rozouila" with William Lundigan, Jane Greer, David Wayne, Gloria DeHaven Three Young Texans (1954) 20th Century Fox as "Rusty Blair" with Jeffrey Hunter, Keefe Brasselle There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954) 20th Century Fox as "Katy Donahue" with Ethel Merman, Dan Dailey, Donald O’Connor, Marilyn Monroe, Johnnie Ray The Birds and the Bees (1956) Paramount Pictures as "Jean Harris" with George Gobel, David Niven Anything Goes (1956) Paramount Pictures as "Patsy Blair" with Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor, Jeanmarie The Joker is Wild (1957) Paramount Pictures as "Martha Stewart" with Frank Sinatra, Jeanne Crain, Eddie Albert, Beverly Garland Les Girls (1957) Metro Goldwyn Mayer as "Joy Henderson" with Gene Kelly, Kay Kendall, Taina Elg South Pacific (1958) 20th Century Fox as "Ensign Nellie Forbush" with Rossano Brazzi, Ray Walston, John Kerr, France Nuyen, Juanita Hall Happy Anniversary (1959) United Artists as "Alice Walters" with David Niven, Carl Reiner, Patty Duke, Monique Van Vooren Surprise Package (1960) Columbia Pictures as "Gabby Rogers" with Yul Brynner, Noel Coward For Love or Money (1963) Universal Pictures as "Kate Brasher" with Kirk Douglas, Thelma Ritter, Julie Newmar, Leslie Parrish
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